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5 Dental Services You Need


If you have been getting routine six-month checkups at the dentist office, chances are you may be missing out on services that are important for good dental health. In addition to cleanings and fillings, here are additional services everyone should get to keep teeth healthy and strong for years to come.

Scheduled x-rays.

Although some dentists use x-rays sparingly, others prefer to schedule periodic x-rays to find cavities below the gum line and in hard-to-reach crevices while they are still small enough to treat with a minor filling. Bitewing x-rays are coordinated with panoramic images to ensure potential and developing problems are promptly identified.

Emergency service.

Many, but not all, dentists offer emergency services. If patients have a dental injury outside of regular office hours, dentists who provide after-hours care will still see patients whose conditions require immediate attention. Other dentists may refer patients to a dental partner who handles after-hours emergency treatment. Most patients prefer to be treated by their own dentist rather than a surrogate.

Dental hygiene education.

Professional teeth cleaning by a certified hygienist is typically available at most dental practices. However, not all hygienists spend time teaching patients how to care for their teeth at home. Some will demonstrate new tools and products to show patients first-hand how to use them correctly. Patients also should receive guidelines about foods to eat and others to avoid, as well as proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Product samples.

Free samples of dental products are often given to patients during a checkup. But some dentists provide varied samples of toothpaste, mouthwash, fluoride rinse, and dental floss, along with a new toothbrush, to give patients the opportunity to find the best products for their dental needs. Coupons are sometimes offered to encourage patients to sample new products like tooth whitening strips or proxy brushes, and similar home dentistry tools. More samples give patients more choices in selecting the most suitable products.

Specialist referrals.

Although virtually all dentists make referrals to specialists when needed, it is important to ensure that those made by the dentist are high quality practitioners. Checking the Better Business Bureau complaints and online dentist reviews helps to confirm that the references provided by a dentist will do good work on specialty areas like periodontics or orthodontics.

Finding a dental clinic or office is not difficult, but finding a good one that provides these important services is worth the effort. Browse local dental websites and review sites to find these and other important dental services. You might be interested in visiting Your Smile Dental Care for more information.


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