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4 Ways Dental Services are Improving


If you have not visited the dentist in a while, you may not be aware of new services being offered by many dental practices around the country. Here are four fairly recent innovations that might be of interest.

Social media.

Increasingly, dental practices are finding a home on social media. From Facebook to Instagram, dentists and staff members are establishing a Web presence and gathering followers for the latest trends in dental care, orthodontics, and implants. Dentistry has never been more chic to patients across the country.


Waiting for the anesthesia to numb your mouth for a filling? Relax and enjoy the video that many dentists offer to help patients relax. The programming might be set, but in some offices patients may be able to select viewing preferences. Another use of video is as a teaching tool. Since many people are visual learners, dental hygienists can show brief training videos on how to clean and care for teeth properly, or specialized tips like how to floss with braces.


A generation ago, dental professionals just diagnosed the problem and fixed it. Now, they are likelier to explain the problem’s cause, how to prevent it, and options for dealing with the current issue. Patients are learning far more about proper dental care and a variety of techniques as well as specific dental problems they might need to know more about. Dental staff use plastic models, colorful drawings, and verbal explanations to teach patients important information about caring for their teeth.


As the health care industry continues to change, so does the financing aspect. Instead of paying cash at time of checkout, many patients are now preferring to use debit or credit options. For more expensive services, low-interest, long-term financial funding may be available, possibly provided by or referred by the dentist’s office. With payment plans to fit every budget, most people can afford to get the dental services they need.

Going to the dentist has never been easier or more meaningful. Now you can get more than an exam or a filling each time you visit. Check https://dentalzen.com/ or subscribe to his or her social media to keep up with current events and dental updates. Staying in touch with your dentist, directly or indirectly, can help to keep your teeth healthy as you remember it’s time for your next checkup or see a fact on social media that nudges you to schedule an appointment.


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